Of Memories Past is a campaign set in the Duchy of Blemieu in the world of Cuivië Dör, starting on the 12 Amtar – 952 (KR).
On the 28 day of Penstroth – 949 the Duchy’s southern most holdings and garrisons were hit by a surprise incursion force of Drakkonians erupting out of the Kharkom Forest, with other Drakkonian forces coming out of the hills to the south of The Dell. This set in motion the long bloody campaign that is the Battle of Blemieu. The Duke upon hearing of the attacks called upon his alliance treaties with the other Marcher Lords and the Kingdoms of Raos and the Kharkom Nimedhel. He also authorised the raising of further army and militia units as well as the reinforcement of the The Ridge fortifications to ensure the fleeing people of his Duchy had a safe haven. Each town, city and village did their upmost to slow down and fight the advancing Drakkonians, they did achieve this by almost a year and a half but at a cost. The regular army while intact had lost forces they knew were going to be needed at the Ridge.
The Drakkonians lost a good quarter of their number but they still out-numbered the entire Duchy forces by 2:1 and more concerning for the Duke and his military commanders was that they were stilling moving north and Spine Castle was besieged.
The good news for the Duchy at this time was that by the 12 day of Easia 950, both Kingdom of Raos and Marcher reinforcements arrived, as did a thousand Church Knights of Araos. These troops were pushed forward from the Eastern portion of the Ridge towards the besieged garrison of Spine Castle and managed to extract the remaining civilians and over half the surviving garrison out. This diversion caused the Drakks to waste valuable time and resources, with the result the weather turned due to the arrival of early snow and winter and halted the over-stretched Drakkonian army.
This reprieve allowed further reinforcement and for the Duke to issue a general mobilisation where all people aged between 16 and 45 were asked to aid in the defence of the realm. The people responded and while many could not fight they all pitched in and helped.
The following campaigning season saw the Drakks pushed back but the Duchy forces then suffered a reversal in that the Drakkonian reinforcements with allied units counter attacked. The resulting battles waged across the Duchy for months, all the time earning the Duke and his commanders valuable time to train, equip and build the bulwarks of the Ridge. It also allowed more allied troops to arrive and aid the hard pressed Duchy forces.
By the end of the year 951 (KR) almost 70% of the Duchy was under Drakkonian control with only the shire of Knurl untouched and a portion of the Kharkom shire under his control. The Ridge fortifications were complete and he ordered all remaining forces to it and that the Drakkonians would not pass. The Drakkonians sensing victory launched an all out assault on the Ridge and after 10 days of bitter fighting were repulsed.
The party are among the survivors of the most bloody battle the Duchy indeed the Southern Marches have ever seen.
The Duke has issued a proclamation that it is time to take the fight too their enemy!

Of Memories Past

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