Of Memories Past

Eerie Skeletons

The town of Luzern was eerily quiet as the party approached, though people appeared to be in the fields their movements were jerky and they did not look up as the party rode.
Upon closer inspection the truth was revealed, they were skeletons, what has happened to the townsfolk.
Moving into the town itself the scenes became even more bizarre as the skeletal towns people went about their daily routines in the eerie silence that is death. The party decided to enter the church of Baylon and upon doing so engaged 2 wights in a fierce battle. The church had been desecrated but they found a number of clues along with items that pointed to them trying to find the Baroness.
Moving into the centre of town they entered the central keep. Using a combination of magic and common sense they managed to find the Baroness and get her along with 15 surviving families out of the town before nightfall.

The night proved frolicsome as a pack of worgs attacked the encampment causing 2 party members to collapse and wounding 2 others. After 8 rounds of fighting the worgs were dispatched and the party left to heal and bandage their wounds. In the morning the weather was still cold with a light snow falling and the party decided to head back into town to deal with the evil that was making its home there.
Accompanied by the Baroness the party entered the town, recovered the magical tome and moved to the Keep. Brushing aside the skeletal guards the party descended into the catacombs beneath the keep to face the Wraith King. After an intense battle the wraith was defeated and in doing so the gate was destroyed and the town freed of its affliction.

The cost in people now needs to be assessed and the Baroness needs help in bringing her surviving people back,.



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