Of Memories Past

Mission complete

The aftermath of the fight against the Wraith King saw the party regrouping and aiding the Baroness get her town back on track. The party managed to help about 770 townsfolk back to their town and found another 430 still alive and in hiding in the town itself. Over the next month or so another 500 – 600 people will return. Of the people turned into undead only 526 survived the transformation back. Overall the town lost close to 2000 people, the Baroness also lost her arcane advisor, steward and her betrothed. While sadden at the deaths of so many the Baroness and the people of Luzern were extremely grateful to the party for freeing them from the taint of the Wraith King and the Gate.
In recognition of their achievements they were each awarded a Medallion of Luzern and an annual stipend of 250 silver nobles in way of thanks.

Towards the end of Amtar the party received new orders to make haste to the village of Kingsholm to investigate the rumoured sightings of Dragon-men. The party left on Unday of the 4th Week of Amtar for Kingsholm.
Once on the road the initial couple of days were uneventful though they did meet a travelling Mithedhel named Drongul and were ambushed by 2 outer planar creatures. What these were doing accosting the party remains a mystery though neither posed too much of a problem for Tordek, Olaf or Grimm.
They are still at least 3 days away from Kingsholm and whatever mystery lies in wait for them there …..



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