Kudrik Tairnow

Katzeh warrior with a taste of the hot and spicy.


Born into a lower-upper class family Kudrik started into training to be a warrior at a young age as his father and grandfather where both great warriors of the clan Tairnow. Sent to fight for his clan by the clan leader against the draconians as soon as he was deemed worthy to fight as a Katzeh warrior. Kudrik’s mother one of the greatest rangers of clan Tairnow also taught him how to use his sent ability to track but as he was more driven to becoming a warrior he did not learn it properly and is unable to use it properly.

Now with his new “friends” well the survivors of the same battalion that he was assigned by the army, Kudrik is now moving towards becoming one of the great warriors that his clan is known for and one that his clan members will talk about for generations.


Kudrik Tairnow

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