Of Memories Past

Journey begins


The journey begins – the party under the guidance of Lady Guinevere has set out for the town of Luzern on the Blemieu river. Supplies have stopped coming down the road for the last 2 weeks, which could not have happened at a worse time. Now that the battle of the Ridge is over the Duchy’s General Staff have dispatched the 1st Platoon/1st Company/3rd Battalion Kingsridge Regiment (aka our intrepid characters) to investigate.

The dead of winter is not the most favourable time to set out but an order is an order and the party set out for Luzern (Midas 2nd week of Amtar). Half way through the day the temperature dropped and the snow began, by evening the weather was getting worse and finding the way-lodge was a welcome sight.

After seeing to their horses the party went inside to be met with Gruntrum the fur trader and his 2 sons. After befriending him and sharing meat and drink the evening devolved into an impromptu party.
On the morning (after the PCs woke) the weather had set in and they decided to rest the horses and themselves. Next morning (Collek 2nd week Amtar) the party set out and after an hour’s travel met a wild man ……



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